Towel as Corporate Gift

Demand for different type of personalized corporate gifts is increasing. Companies are searching for the different ways to promote their products, services and brand. This applies to all the companies in different fields. When it comes to hotels and resort industry, gifting personalized and customized towels as gifts is something quite common. It can be used as premier gifting item to both employees and clients.

How to use towels for brand promotion and gifting purposes?

Towels are quite inexpensive type of item for most companies that are looking to promote their company brand and image. You can choose a hotel and resort. Cutting down amenities and costs is becoming quite important for most companies. However, gifting a towel is a good option that may not be costly but at the same time can be used to promote company brand name and contact information. Newly purchased towels with customization in place, soft bend, warm blankets and lavender scented are some of the necessities that not many people would sacrifice depending on the requirement. These days a lot of emphasis is maintained by most companies and how they go about selling their brand value among employees and companies that used to be deciding about company image. Promotional towels can be used to quite commonly by various companies as a personalized gift pack. If also offers an advantage to the customer by gifting them an item that they can keep in their wardrobe.

Different type of Towel options available for gifting


There are various types of towels available as corporate gift. Below are some of the ideas

  1. Beach towels- You can introduce your company and logo name by customizing beach towels for water sports activities organized by company.
  2. Workout towels- Another most common type of towel that can be used by companies for performing activities.
  3. Surf up towel- if you are planning for a corporate surfing activity then you can plan to gift a surf towel to the employees or clients.

Towels with business logo can be practical and fun gift to any employee or client. They will surely appreciate it and at the same time can be used to spread a specific message about the company. You can share different type of towels for specific corporate activities such as beach, fitness centers, yoga class and workout area. Including some with anti-microbial features, welcome gifts and other rally or sports towel can be a useful gifting item to customers and employees of company.

Most people need a towel while going to different activity areas such as gym, spa or club. Such facilities require companies to provide a customized towel along with other items such as custom bag, keychain, sports models etc. Such gifts also help in maintaining a good relationship with the client and employee. The towels can be easily customized as per requirement. You can bundle the towel with other custom bags. Simple information such as company name, logo and design could be impression.  The use of towels as a personalized gift is most commonly seen in hotel and resorts industry but it can also be shared in universities and schools.

Customized towels

The custom towels can be evolved into another form of sports promotion by gifting the athletes from companies, schools and colleges while participating in the marathon or race events organized by companies. Owning apparel gifted by renowned corporate company can create an idea of special distinction to school and college going people. In addition to that, even universities and schools can also imprint a specific promotional event with all the company logo and other details.


Companies can find a good different ways to promote their products and services and towels can be one of the best medium of promotion. Personalized towels with numerous designs, corporate logos and company information can make it useful corporate gifts for any season. They are a perfect choice as personal items that make it a great gift. As long as you are using neutral colors, you can choose to gift different kind of towels. Promotional golf and beach towels can also be a perfect gifting item while performing corporate activities such as golf tournaments and beach outings. You simply cannot go wrong with promotional corporate towels.

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