Non Woven Bag

Are you searching for a corporate gift that is both economical and can be used for advertising as well? Personalised non-woven bags are one of the most preferred choices when it comes to promoting your company brand. But the main problem is most people are not aware about the terms woven and non-woven bags. In such cases, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right kind of promotional bag as the choice is quite confusing. Both materials are distinctively different and can make a great impact. Each of the type of materials has unique benefit and characteristics. Both materials can be used to make imprinted tote bags and different from each other.

The “Woven” Tote

As the name suggests, woven totes are made from fabric that has been weaved. It is a process by which joining individual threads together at right angles to one another. Technically, the threads are laid against one another in perpendicular form and a weft thread is used to run through them. The complete process is repeated multiple times and this way can be used to form a large piece of cloth. There are certain specific characteristics of any fabric and woven fabric is quite flexible in nature. However it cannot be stretched for longer time and therefore able to retain its shape for longer time. Woven fabrics are strong and it is suited for creating machine washable fabrics. It can be formed into a suitable form using woven cloth that can stand well when washed.

The “Non-Woven” Tote

The Non-woven fabrics are engineered in a way that it has limited life and provides specific functions such as stretch, softness, wash ability, cushioning, liquid repellence, thermal insulation, cushioning, filtration and used for sterility and bacterial barrier. These properties can be combined in the form of specific jobs and can be used to provide more balance in terms of usage life and cost. This gives more strength and texture and can be bulky with thicket paddings.

Non-Woven fabric is produced from the process / method different from weaving. It can be formed by mechanical, thermal or chemical treatment. Non-woven fabric can be made from fibers like woven cloth. However, the fibers get entangled together compared to woven fabric in which the weaving can be performed. However, compared to woven fabric, non-woven fabrics are much more versatile in nature and can be used for different applications such as medicine. Fabrics formed through Non-Woven method are used quite commonly in art and craft and quite economical method compared to woven cloth. Due to economical price difference, non-woven fabrics can be used to as a personalized corporate gift. It is quite durable and doesn’t stand up to being laundered compare to that of woven material. The material is quite flexible and can be transformed into any shape.

Non-Woven bags- Preferred Corporate gifting option


There are different options when you are planning to gift a corporate option such as Mugs, T-Shirts, umbrella, bands or bags. Non-woven cloths are perfectly suitable for making of tote bags that can be used as a gifting option. It is a utility item and can be used to carry moderate sized items such as groceries, books or cloths. Non-woven material can also be used to design a gym bag suitable for carrying gym accessories.  If you are looking to carry some moderately heavy items then this bag can be of significant use. In fact, some of the personalized non-woven bags can be used for promotional purposes and used by many advertising companies to display their company message and brands. The key about these bags is that it can be customized into plastic shopping bags and quite economical price. The bags are nice alternative to plastic bags and can be used for gifting during trade and event shows organized by companies. Non-woven bags price is quite less and starts at less than a dollar for each piece and can round up to five dollar per piece depending on the type of customization and design used for making it. One can use non-woven bags for promotional purposes and for gifting option as these are quite economical and can be made in bulk form. So if you are looking for a reliable and popular corporate gifting option then you can prefer to choose Non-woven bags.

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