Tips on How to Install Your Vinyl Planking Flooring

It is quite easy to install vinyl planking flooring in your home. Therefore, if you want to have a new look in your home in just one weekend, choose vinyl flooring. In this article, we are going to checkout some steps you need to follow to install your vinyl flooring.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Prepare the subfloor

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your subfloor so as to make sure the installation is as smooth as possible. In addition to that, it is crucial to prepare the surface where you will be laying on the floor. You can also lay the vinyl on an existing floor such as laminate, parquet, linoleum or vinyl, and tiles. The most crucial factor is to make sure the subfloor is clean, even and dry. If the floor is not even (parquet bevels, tile joints or any other kind of cracks) consider using a levelling compound. Note that vinyl is very soft and can easily be seen underneath. Another thing, you can use it with a textile backing to ensure the irregularities are sorted out on the subfloor. You can use Essential 220T, Essential 280T as well as Exclusive 280T.

After that, the next step is to clean the subfloor. You can use a neutral cleaning solutions to get rid of any form of dust or dirt and ensure it is dry before you embark on the installation process. If the surface is even or smooth, you may need a primer to help stick the flooring to the subfloor.

Prepare the flooring

It is crucial that you acclimatize the flooring for about 24 hours before you start the installation process at a room temperature of 15 degree Celsius. After that, unroll the flooring and slice them. Allow an extra 20cm to ensure you are not short of material once you are done with the installation.

Installing the flooring

Sheet direction

Generally, as a rule, flooring installation follows the main light source direction. However, if your space is narrow, such as a corridor, run the sheets along the length of the space, regardless the direction of the light. Far from wood designs, you should install the sheets in the opposite direction to make rendering homogeneous. Don’t worry about this as it is vividly outlined within the product description. For the installation to be successful, ensure the joints are separate from the doors and don’t coincide with areas with a lot of traffic.

Installation techniques

There are three primary methods of installing flooring, but this depends on the usage of your room as well as its size. If you have a small room, that means traffic is high, and for that reason, you should considered it as medium sized.

If your room measures approximately 12m2, then you need the loose-lay installation. You only need to lay the vinyl on top of the subfloor, unroll and cut them into size and you are done.

If your room is medium, approximately 25m2, semi-loose installation will work just fine. To secure the flooring, use a double-faced duct tape.

For large rooms that are more than 25m2, glue installation is the best option. The water-based spray adhesive is the best because it is not only easy to install, but also eco-friendly.

Finishing touches

For the best result, make sure you add some skirting around your room as it will protect the corners of the sheet as well as the bottom of the wall. This will make cleaning easier, and will add some touch of class to the finished look.

The following are the common types of skirting:

Flexible self-adhesive skirting

This one is available in several colors and are easy to install. It also feature a foam backing and adapt to any setting, making installation easy.

Flexible double sided self-adhesive skirting

For this one to work, you need to put a piece of the floor for the best match

Classic hard flooring skirting

This one can be screwed or glued to the walls


Generally, it is quite easy to install vinyl flooring in your home. However, just make sure the subfloor is dry, clean and even.  Also, don’t rush into thing, ensure the floor is acclimatized for at least 24 hours before you install your vinyl.

Post It


If you have ever been to any American office, you’d probably know that post-it notes are all over the place. People use post-it notes for their to-do list. They use this handy, small communication tools to remind each other of upcoming events or to request information from each other. The great thing about post it notes is the fact that they are easy to write on, post up and remove. That’s why a lot of people use these items. They are very convenient.

Just because people are using an item in a corporate setting doesn’t automatically mean you should give away post it notes as part of your corporate branding campaign. It would be nice if it were that easy but it isn’t. Just like anything else you do involving marketing, you have to make sure you do things in a strategic and results-oriented way. Always focus on the end game. You need to always focus on the results that you would get at the end of the process. Otherwise, it’s too easy to spend tons of money, time and effort only to walk away with little to no results. This is definitely the case with post-it notes. As the old saying goes, not everything that glitters is gold. While post it notes might seem like a great vehicle for your corporate brand, in the wrong context, it might just turn out to be a colossal waste of money. Pay attention to the following factors.

It depends on your target audience

Pay attention to your target audience. Do they look like the type of people who use post-it notes? Keep in mind that we’re not just talking about using post-it notes here and there. We’re talking about using them all the time. You’d be surprised at the answers you’ll get when you ask these questions because it may turn out as seemingly as professional and mobile as your target audience may be, they do not use post-it notes because these are made of paper and physical in nature. You might actually be dealing with an audience base that prefers digital reminder tools like mobile apps, software or even internet based services.


It depends on the branding message

How exactly do you plan to make your brand [indiscernible] on post-it notes? Does it make sense considering the size of post-it notes as well as the expected usage patterns of the people you’re going to give these items away to? This is no small consideration. If you are going to give away these items to people who end up using them but fail to see your brand, you might just be wasting money. The distribution network is there, the demand is definitely there but the delivery mechanism as far as branding results go is simply missing.

Size considerations

The general rule of thumb regarding corporate gifts is the bigger the gift, the more impractical it becomes. If you are giving away post it notes that are very big, you can bet that very few people would use the notes in a way you expect. They would still use it but they’ll probably use it as throw away notebooks or scratch pads. This might not be the most optimal type of end user usage behavior as far as your branding objectives go. If people are using your materials to just [indiscernible] throw away notes and they barely look at the pad itself, you might be losing a tremendous opportunity. You’ll probably better off using another type of corporate gift.

Bulk considerations

How thick should the pads be? The bulkier, the more inconvenient the size of the corporate gift is, the less likely it will be used. The whole point of branding corporate giveaways is that you want people to use your materials a lot. The more they interact with your give away, the higher the chance they would see your brand and possibly take action on it. This is going to be quite difficult if the giveaway is too bulky to facilitate frequent use. Either they’re going to break it up or not use it at all.

Cost considerations

If you are going to buy branded post it notes from 3M Corporation, expect to pay through the nose. Even if they cut you a special bulk package, your cost would be much more expensive had you gone another route. Make sure these costs are justified. Just because you’ll be spending a lot of money on post-it notes giveaway doesn’t necessarily mean you should not conduct such a giveaway. If the return on investment is there, then it’s worth doing. If it isn’t there, then you should find something else to give away. It really is that basic.


By paying close attention to the size and bulk considerations above, portability is pretty much taken care of. Still, this factor requires its own section because it’s too easy for corporate branding specialists and consultants to overlook this factor. The whole point of branding success is to get as many different eyeballs on your branding message as possible. These eyeballs must be operating within your target industry or be part of your target audience. As long as these conditions are met, you increase the chance your branding campaign would pay for itself regardless of the cost of the corporate gift materials. Portability is a key factor because it ensures your recipients end up branding other people because they carry around or use the gift in many different settings.

How viral could it be?

Did you know that post it notes can get viral? If people see that a co-worker is using post-it notes, they might ask for half the stack and write their own stuff. Other people can see it and they could split stacks as well. The more eyeballs your brand interacts with, the higher the likelihood at least some of these people would reach out to your brand.

The bottom line

The bottom line here is simple. Stay focused on return on investment. Just because a particular gift item looks good, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the item you should give away. Even if you hear all sorts of positive stories among your competitors that use the same campaign, this might not be enough to justify you embarking on a similar campaign. Pay attention to your own particular set of circumstances. Make sure everything makes sense as far as dollar and cents are concerned. Otherwise, you’d be better off doing something else.

Non Woven Bag

Are you searching for a corporate gift that is both economical and can be used for advertising as well? Personalised non-woven bags are one of the most preferred choices when it comes to promoting your company brand. But the main problem is most people are not aware about the terms woven and non-woven bags. In such cases, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right kind of promotional bag as the choice is quite confusing. Both materials are distinctively different and can make a great impact. Each of the type of materials has unique benefit and characteristics. Both materials can be used to make imprinted tote bags and different from each other.

The “Woven” Tote

As the name suggests, woven totes are made from fabric that has been weaved. It is a process by which joining individual threads together at right angles to one another. Technically, the threads are laid against one another in perpendicular form and a weft thread is used to run through them. The complete process is repeated multiple times and this way can be used to form a large piece of cloth. There are certain specific characteristics of any fabric and woven fabric is quite flexible in nature. However it cannot be stretched for longer time and therefore able to retain its shape for longer time. Woven fabrics are strong and it is suited for creating machine washable fabrics. It can be formed into a suitable form using woven cloth that can stand well when washed.

The “Non-Woven” Tote

The Non-woven fabrics are engineered in a way that it has limited life and provides specific functions such as stretch, softness, wash ability, cushioning, liquid repellence, thermal insulation, cushioning, filtration and used for sterility and bacterial barrier. These properties can be combined in the form of specific jobs and can be used to provide more balance in terms of usage life and cost. This gives more strength and texture and can be bulky with thicket paddings.

Non-Woven fabric is produced from the process / method different from weaving. It can be formed by mechanical, thermal or chemical treatment. Non-woven fabric can be made from fibers like woven cloth. However, the fibers get entangled together compared to woven fabric in which the weaving can be performed. However, compared to woven fabric, non-woven fabrics are much more versatile in nature and can be used for different applications such as medicine. Fabrics formed through Non-Woven method are used quite commonly in art and craft and quite economical method compared to woven cloth. Due to economical price difference, non-woven fabrics can be used to as a personalized corporate gift. It is quite durable and doesn’t stand up to being laundered compare to that of woven material. The material is quite flexible and can be transformed into any shape.

Non-Woven bags- Preferred Corporate gifting option


There are different options when you are planning to gift a corporate option such as Mugs, T-Shirts, umbrella, bands or bags. Non-woven cloths are perfectly suitable for making of tote bags that can be used as a gifting option. It is a utility item and can be used to carry moderate sized items such as groceries, books or cloths. Non-woven material can also be used to design a gym bag suitable for carrying gym accessories.  If you are looking to carry some moderately heavy items then this bag can be of significant use. In fact, some of the personalized non-woven bags can be used for promotional purposes and used by many advertising companies to display their company message and brands. The key about these bags is that it can be customized into plastic shopping bags and quite economical price. The bags are nice alternative to plastic bags and can be used for gifting during trade and event shows organized by companies. Non-woven bags price is quite less and starts at less than a dollar for each piece and can round up to five dollar per piece depending on the type of customization and design used for making it. One can use non-woven bags for promotional purposes and for gifting option as these are quite economical and can be made in bulk form. So if you are looking for a reliable and popular corporate gifting option then you can prefer to choose Non-woven bags.

Towel as Corporate Gift

Demand for different type of personalized corporate gifts is increasing. Companies are searching for the different ways to promote their products, services and brand. This applies to all the companies in different fields. When it comes to hotels and resort industry, gifting personalized and customized towels as gifts is something quite common. It can be used as premier gifting item to both employees and clients.

How to use towels for brand promotion and gifting purposes?

Towels are quite inexpensive type of item for most companies that are looking to promote their company brand and image. You can choose a hotel and resort. Cutting down amenities and costs is becoming quite important for most companies. However, gifting a towel is a good option that may not be costly but at the same time can be used to promote company brand name and contact information. Newly purchased towels with customization in place, soft bend, warm blankets and lavender scented are some of the necessities that not many people would sacrifice depending on the requirement. These days a lot of emphasis is maintained by most companies and how they go about selling their brand value among employees and companies that used to be deciding about company image. Promotional towels can be used to quite commonly by various companies as a personalized gift pack. If also offers an advantage to the customer by gifting them an item that they can keep in their wardrobe.

Different type of Towel options available for gifting


There are various types of towels available as corporate gift. Below are some of the ideas

  1. Beach towels- You can introduce your company and logo name by customizing beach towels for water sports activities organized by company.
  2. Workout towels- Another most common type of towel that can be used by companies for performing activities.
  3. Surf up towel- if you are planning for a corporate surfing activity then you can plan to gift a surf towel to the employees or clients.

Towels with business logo can be practical and fun gift to any employee or client. They will surely appreciate it and at the same time can be used to spread a specific message about the company. You can share different type of towels for specific corporate activities such as beach, fitness centers, yoga class and workout area. Including some with anti-microbial features, welcome gifts and other rally or sports towel can be a useful gifting item to customers and employees of company.

Most people need a towel while going to different activity areas such as gym, spa or club. Such facilities require companies to provide a customized towel along with other items such as custom bag, keychain, sports models etc. Such gifts also help in maintaining a good relationship with the client and employee. The towels can be easily customized as per requirement. You can bundle the towel with other custom bags. Simple information such as company name, logo and design could be impression.  The use of towels as a personalized gift is most commonly seen in hotel and resorts industry but it can also be shared in universities and schools.

Customized towels

The custom towels can be evolved into another form of sports promotion by gifting the athletes from companies, schools and colleges while participating in the marathon or race events organized by companies. Owning apparel gifted by renowned corporate company can create an idea of special distinction to school and college going people. In addition to that, even universities and schools can also imprint a specific promotional event with all the company logo and other details.


Companies can find a good different ways to promote their products and services and towels can be one of the best medium of promotion. Personalized towels with numerous designs, corporate logos and company information can make it useful corporate gifts for any season. They are a perfect choice as personal items that make it a great gift. As long as you are using neutral colors, you can choose to gift different kind of towels. Promotional golf and beach towels can also be a perfect gifting item while performing corporate activities such as golf tournaments and beach outings. You simply cannot go wrong with promotional corporate towels.